Medical coding and billing course in Kerala

Al Salama college in Kerala’s (Thrissur, Trivandrum, Kochi) a premier provider of medical coding excellence school. In the largest and fastest-growing areas of the medical coding industry, we train/create creative and engaging initiatives contributing to jobs, growth, and progression.

Medical Coding & Billing

In Kerala Medical Coding and Billing Industry has hit the cutting edge of information technology, which has opened many outlets for health information placement. For the aspiring generation who have laid down their career in the health information industry, these open doors have diversified and built forums.

In the financial performance of private practitioners and other health care providers, medical coders and billers play a major part. The greater the Medical Coder’s skill in determining suitable diagnoses for patient experiences, the greater the insurance payout to the practitioner in this area, after a rigorous training curriculum and a credential, creates medical coders that excel in coding.

Across the healthcare sector, Certified Medical Coders are in high demand. In reality, healthcare is the largest U.S. industry, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, making this occupation a sound option, and healthcare service workers, like medical coders, are one of the 10 fastest—Studies suggest that qualified coders and billers are paying adequately for their excellent medical coding and billing abilities. Rising allied health occupations. 100% job-oriented and certification-oriented services from Transorze.

What is the method of Medical Coding and Billing?

The person visits his/her physician and diagnosis is made.
The diagnosis is stored in the medical history of the patient.
For medical coding and accounting, the documents are submitted.
It specifies the treatment and diagnosis codes and assigns and transmits to the insurance provider an industry-recognized code.
Medical coding occupations include administrative duties that require sharp eye for information, especially because assigning specific codes for each argument is the primary task of coder. The insurance provider has medical professionals review the claim to approve the payout depending on different criteria such as eligibility, medical need, etc. where the claim includes sums above certain cap.
The claims are reimbursed to the patient is confirmed. On the other hand, if a petition for any cause is refused or declined, it is normally returned with a clarification to the supplier. An insurance claim thus starts with a patient attending a healthcare facility and ends with the receipt of a check from the insurance carrier of the patient.
Billing requires promising the correctness of the sum of the claim. This may include talking to patients and/or insurance providers. It needs how to read medical invoices and recognizing the language of coding. However, Medical Coding does not require either the insurance providers or the patients to communicate. A coder clearly analyzes and translates the verb from clinical claims


In as little as three months, launch your new Medical Coding career. You will use real-world explanations of coding and how to handle documents in the Transorze Medical Coding software. We also have advanced courses in CPC Certification and ICD-10 Coding to equip you. With professional training from devoted faculty members with real-world expertise, we’ll help you excel.

Why this medical-coding and billing career?


  • Increased efficiency.
  • Effectiveness of Expense.
  • Professional Force of Man.
  • Operating Expense Minimized.
  • Indian Time Zone advantage.
  • In the United States, 82% rated India as their first preference for outsourcing.
  • In the developed nations, India has the largest number of English speakers.
  • The human resources of India are knowledgeable, skilled, successful, highly qualified, and talented.

Features of medical coding and billing course in Kerala

  • As professors, CPC accredited senior schools.
  • The focus of the training was on CPC (AAPC) certification.
  • AAPC issues for CPC training for the intervening 5 years.
  • 24 X 7 access to the method of learning management.
  • Specific monitoring of success for pupils.
  • Relevant chapter validity checks.
  • Special emphasis on career planning & preparing for interviews.
  • After satisfactory completion of the training, qualification was issued.
  • Promote your career to continue your work
  • In installments, pay the course fee
  • Assured career placement at Avail.

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