Logistics and supply chain management course

Diploma in logistics and supply chain management

Diploma in logistics and supply chain management

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a 6-month diploma course in Supply Chain and Logistics. However, if the course is pursued as a distance learning course, the duration may vary. A class 10 qualification from any recognized board shall be the minimum eligibility to apply.

This qualification is aimed at producing entry-level employees who intend to pursue careers in the field of transport and supply chain management.

A Diploma certificate from Industry specified with R&D molds pupils in such a specialized area will give an efficient way to learn valuable professional domestic and exposure. By earning such a Certificate in Logistics, can learn to apply your skills to the whole enterprise to become effective growth of career.


What is about the Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

The Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a 6-month course that provides an introduction to the concepts of Supply Chain Management and also explains its applications in the employment sector. The e-commerce sector is booming and is growing rapidly. Businesses are moving to the world level, and there is an urgent need for timely delivery, effective resource management, and optimization of all processes.

The objective of the course is to instill an effective knowledge of the concepts of supply chain management, their applications, and their implementation. The Diploma in Supply Chain Management program is very beneficial for candidates who are already working in the field of supply chain management, transport and logistics, and all the facilities we need to handle goods and services.

Career Prospects 

Such postgraduates have ample opportunities to choose their careers. The multiple job profiles Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management applicants can look for our Purchasing Agent, Operations Manager, Logistics Analyst, Supply Chain Management, Production Manager, Logistics Manager, Planning Manager, and so on.


Course Syllabus


Diploma in logistics and supply chain management


1.       Logistics management

2.       Warehouse management

3.       Supply chain management

4.       Production management

5.       Inventory management

Additional Certificates


1.       MS word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint

2.       Internet – Ecommerce specialization

3.       HRM, Personality and soft skill

Qualification and duration Minimum 10  or Equivalent

6 Months (4 + 2 internship)

Monday to Friday

10:00 to 1:00 PM

Placement Support Domestic placement support

Why Us!

Diploma capabilities are produced to the most elevated models to give students upgraded work prospects in an extensive variety of enterprises offering profitable expert acknowledgment wherever on the planet. The diploma offers an alternative of different center choices and dimensions of headway in capability fromtransient certificate program to a one-year advanced diploma program.

Placement Support
Placement Support
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500 Students Completed
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ISO 9001:2015

Key Benifits

Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Certificate

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