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The Al Salama School of Safety Studies, well connected to Kalamassery, the prime area of Cochin, was established to offer the best logistics training in Kochi. With a single course addressing logistics, shipping, and supply chain management with more focus on practical parts, this is discussed. Get trained at Al Salama, the pioneer in supply chain, shipping and logistics training in Cochin, by experienced industry experts, and join. For more details about the logistics course in Kochi  Click here

Logistics is known as the collection of methods and means used to coordinate a business or service. According to the terms previously accepted, the logistics industry focuses on supplying goods to the consumer. In logistics, the transport of goods, storage costs, handling, preparation, and order planning are usually included. In a business’s search to become bigger, stronger, and more successful, the right partners can be important allies.

Aspects that affect logistics

There are numerous factors in the logistics field that have a great impact. Globalization, technology, market evolution, regulatory aspects, government regulations, etc., are currently all aspects that directly impact the industry. One of the main factors actually making the difference is that we are entering a globalized economy.


Our Course details in Kochi

The courses offered here allow you to learn logistics and supply chain management expertise, skills, and competencies that will assist you in managing capital, processes, and people. The course will help you learn about the various aspects of logistics functions, including procurement, activities, storage, transport, and supply chain management.

The curriculum of the course focuses on the concepts of logistics management in different sectors of the transport industry. Train, rail, air & sea, supply chain management & transport economic fundamentals, the application of quantitative buying, warehousing & inventory management strategies, and the role of logistics in globalized operations.

Advantages to the logistics industry

Better use of the distribution network: When you have a strong logistics system, you can maximize the times, along with the distribution chain, with various logistics operators. This means that there are numerous logistics and distribution businesses that are fundamental at the national and international levels.

Reduction of costs: This is possible thanks to the multiple globalized distribution networks since they reduce the cost of transport. A more effective logistics chain: If more efficient logistics management can be carried out, both final customer satisfaction and service can be increased.

Transportation and express delivery: More than ever, systems are being introduced today that allow urgent transport. In this way, in far less time than a few years ago, orders will hit their final destination.
Digital technology: Technology helps evolve the industry itself, improving processes and times.


Highlights of  course in Cochin

Certified globally recognized course Periodic Lectures from established business entrepreneurs in logistics.
Industry experts & academicians take lessons.
Friendly fee structure & payment types for students.
Good career in the Indian sector’s booming logistics climate.

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