Logistics and supply chain management course in Trivandrum

Diploma in logistics and supply chain management

Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management in Trivandrum

Trivandrum‘s Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management provides you with thorough understanding of the management aspects of
such as Warehouse Inventory Management, Management Principles Practices, Business Communication, Human Resource Management, Logistics Supply Chain Management, E-Commerce, Supply Chain Management ICT Application, etc. For more details about logistics course in Trivandrum

Why Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management in Trivandrum?

  • In logistics & supply chain management, there is a huge demand for expert professionals, where you can make a successful career.
  • Initiatives undertaken by the Government of India to promote the manufacturing sector and exports are expected to fuel demand for logistics functions.
  • In India, the booming e-commerce industry (like Amazon, eBay, Flip kart, and many others) is bringing new opportunities for professionals in the logistics & supply chain.
  • As the need for dedicated warehouses for each administrative area is eradicated, the anticipated introduction of the countrywide standardized GST is likely to change the distribution structure of several sectors.

Duration of Diploma In Logistics And Supply Chain Management

6 Months (4 + 2 internship)

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